Types of classes available


Thank you for looking at our club. We try to make our classes as fun and progressive as possible. Please always remember that gymnastics is a difficult sport and progressions might be slow and definitely different for every child. This is why we really celebrate the small 'wins' that every child achieves.

We are open and honest from the very start so all information is on the website. however, it is your responsibility to read all the information and be happy prior to booking.

Please read the descriptions of the classes below so you know what type of class to book into

Preschool Gymnastics


This is an adult and toddler free flow session for all ages prior to starting reception. Adults must supervise their children at all times during these sessions.


This is an adult-assisted structured preschool class. The class is taught and guided by coaches however the child's adult must be involved in the class.


This is an independent class. Children will attend the coach lead session on their own. Adults are more than welcome to spectate.



general gymnastics classes are once a week and make up the majority of our class offerings. These classes are for all children who have started reception at school. Our classes are fun and progression-focused.

Gymnasts will work towards their British gymnastics badge awards and will have the opportunity to enter the annual club championships held in July.

Gymnasts use all the apparatus focusing on the basics and progressing onto the harder skills. Whilst the big skills are why some children want to do gymnastics it is important to manage expectations and have them understand that there is lots of work to put in prior to achieving these skills.

All sessions start with a 10 min warm-up followed by 10 minutes per apparatus.

Home education


Our home education class is part of our general gymnastics program. These sessions are for children of school age only.

The only difference is that the sessions run during the day.

Home-educated children are more than welcome to join our Home education class or any of our general gymnastics classes. you just need to book into a class for the year group they would be in if attending school.



We have tried to create an environment where children with additional needs have their needs met. We understand that there is a lot of trial and error involved and we are more than willing to work things out with you. Generally speaking, the classes are modeled on the general gymnastics program. however, this is not always possible. Due to this, there are lots of different options we have in place for your child. we will work very hard so that your child gets the best out of their time in the gymnasium and we also get the best out of your child.

We don't like to over promise and under deliver, so we ask that you give us a call before you book anything. We will work with you as much as possible to find the correct environment for your child.


Our ballet classes are tailored to meet the individual needs of the students through movement and music. Classes introduce the students to the rudiments and foundations of classical ballet.

We aim to make our classes fun and enjoyable for all students.

Students should wear clothing that is comfortable and does not restrict movement



Our adult gymnastics classes are all free flow sessions after the group warm-up.

We have coaches to help you on your journey, whether, you are a complete beginner, wanting to practice your tricks or just trying to get back into your old sporting love!

You are never too old to start, our coaches will help you with setups and break down skills that you want to achieve. This makes the bigger skills much more manageable and you will start to use muscles that you never knew existed.

Our group has people from all different backgrounds all very keen to help each other reach their goals! all achievements really are a huge group effort and everyone celebrates the wins no matter how small!

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