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1. Please refrain from taking photographs and video's during your childs class.

2. If you are staying to watch you must sit upstairs on the balcony, please ensure small children sit quietly.

3. Please remember we are not responsible for children outside their class hours.

4. Young children should be collected from the sports hall, not the bottom of the stairs.

5. Please arrive 5 minutes before the class ends when picking up your child and wait outside to be invited in.

6. all fees must be paid and upto date


1. Please be punctual and leave time for changing before the class so as not to miss the warm up.

Make sure they have been to the toilet.

2. Do not leave valuables in the changing room.

3. All gymnasts should wear suitable clothing:

Girls – leotards or club t-shirt with shorts/leggings

Boys – club t-shirt, or boys leotard with

shorts/tracksuit bottoms.

4. Long hair and fringes must be tied neatly at all times.

5. No jewellery/watches to be worn in the gym.

6. Do not work on any apparatus without a coach being permission.

7. Misbehaviour, excessive and unnecessary noise will not be tolerated and such behaviour will be dealt with accordingly.

8. Do not cross areas where other gymnasts are working.

9. No running across the gym.

10. As a matter of courtesy and safety, gymnasts should ask permission to leave the gym during a

training session.

11. No outdoor shoes should be worn in the gym.

12. Please treat your coaches and fellow gymnasts with respect.



1. All children must have Watford Gymnastic Club membership.

2. All children must have British Gymnastics insurance and membership.


1. ALL accidents, however small, must be reported to your coach.

2. Please inform the coach if you have any problem which may restrict your training.


Watford Gymnastics Club will not take any photo's or video's of gymnasts without prior written concent of the parent/gardian. Photographers do attened our annual competition to take action shot photo's of the gymnasts for parent/gardians to purchase.

For safeguarding reasons we ask that parents do not take photo or film in the childrens classes.

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