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Information for new members

Thank you for joining us at Watford Gymnastics Club. This New Members information includes everything you will need to know while you are a member.

club rules


All of our members are required to have British Gymnastics insurance and East Region Gymnastics membership. you must pay for your BG insurance before you join at https://www.british-gymnastics.org/ (You only ever pay 1 joining fee) British Gymnastics insurance and East Region Gymnastics membership run from October 1st to September 31st and are payable each year in september. British Gymnastics are a strong and recognised organisation that ensure that we run a safe child friendly club and that our coaches are trained to the highest standard. We also want to support the fantastics achievements and success of our British gymnasts so they can continue to train, work hard and continue to succeed. The East Region work in partnership with British Gymnastics to serve a better future to clubs, coaches and it's members (parents and children)


Approx 3 weeks before the end of each term we send out invoices via email. for the coming term. these emails sometimes go in to junk boxes, Please make sure you keep any eye on your junk box as any space that has not been paid for by the deadline WILL be offered out to our waiting list. We always put a payment deadline date on the email so members are aware of when payment is due by.

We can take payment at the gym in cash. if you would like to pay in cash please ensure the correct amount is put in an envelope with your childs full name and class on it. however we prefer you to pay via the subs online account.


Please ensure that the information on your child’s online account is always kept up to date. We do also ask if your child has more specific needs that you can discuss this with a head coach as the more information we have the better we can help. Please ensure that no clothing or shoes are left in the corridor as this causes obstruction for our members and other people using the YMCA.

ALL Jewellery must be removed before the lesson starts. If your child has newly pierced ears they will need to be covered with tape or plasters in advance. Please make sure long hair on boys or girls is tied back and clipped away from the face.

We kindly request that no photography or filming take place from the balcony by anyone to ensure as much child protection as possible.

We ask that you you do not enter the gym until you have been invited by a coach.


throughout the terms the children will be working towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award scheme. Tumble Tiger will work towards their Pre School awards and then move on to the Core proficiency awards from Badge 8-1. Once your child has completed badge 1 they will receive a certificate, Badge and a medal. They will then start on the Advanced Proficiency Awards. This will not only give the experience in Artistic gymnastics and using the apparatus, it will also introduce your child to other disciplines of gymnastics, Rhythmic, Acro, Aerobic, team gym etc. All levels of the proficiency Awards will assist in the progressive development of core skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination and incorporates compulsory pulse raising activities.

Your child will be assessed throughout the term and their coach will document their progress in their booklet that they will receive on joining the club. Badges and Certificates can then be purchased at an additional cost once your child has successfully passed.

As of 2016 in the Summer term we will have our annual competition where all children are invited to take part. There is a small fee to enter the competition which goes towards the cost of running the day. Entry forms will be handed out during the second part of the Summer term. Children compete routines on different apparatus against others of their own age within the club. Awards are given to children with the top 3 scores in each category. All children receive a medal for taking part.


We occasionally have DE Photo joining us to take action shots of your children whilst they compete. These pictures are available to buy online. They also give the club 10% of the sales which will be used to improve they gym. DE Photo are recognised by British Gymnastics and all staff are CRB checked.

If you do not wish your child to be photographed please let a member of staff or a DE Photo photographer know.


2 hours FREE parking is available in either Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s car parks

Discounted parking is available at Sutton Car Park - 50p per hour for the first 3 hours, up to 4 hours £2.50, up to 5 hours £3.50


When you first become a member you will receive a Watford Gymnastics Club bag and t-shirt.  In addition to this we also sell Leotards, shorts,


If your child is absent from a lesson for any reason it is not possible to make up this class in the week on a different day. With effect from January 2014 if your child is unable to attend gymnastics for a significant time due to a serious injury/operation that prevents them from taking part we will require written confirmation or a letter from either a doctor or hospital in order for us to determine whether a credit is due.


As of Jan 2016 during every holiday and half term we offer holiday Gymnastics and to members and non-members. Information and booking forms are available on our website approx 3 weeks before each holiday or half term starts.

holiday booking form

Booking form


Entry into our squads is by invite only from our head coaches. You will be contacted directly if this applies to your child.

Thank you for choosing our club and we hope you enjoy your time with us!