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pre school gymnastics

Due to covid-19 all gymnasts of pre-school age must now be accompanied by an adult throughout the class

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Booking a Trial session

Due to covid-19 we are changing the way we are taking bookings. You will need to join our waiting list are we will contact you with available options. We only offer a trial session for classes that have spaces in. once you are offered a trial there is a £5 charge, This is due to people booking trial sessions and not turning up.

Trials now available

Tumbling Tigers

Our Tumbling Tigers class is for our gymnasts who are starting Reception in September 2021.

Our classes with the Tumbling Tigers are not about becoming the next Olympic star. We are teaching them how to learn actively. We want them to be ready to join an active gymnastics class when they reach reception. We do this by taking turns, waiting in a line, being able to work with others as well as individually. We also teach them how to work, move around the gymnasium and land safely. This is alongside developing their active skills, balance and coordination on their British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.


Monday 1045-1130 & 1600-1635 - Tuesday 1300-1345 - Wednesday 1045-1130 - Thursday 1345-1430 - Friday 1045-1130 - saturday 0900-0935 - sunday 0900-0935


Saturday 1015-1100 - Sunday 1215-1300

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Leaping lions

Our leaping lions classes are for children who are starting Reception in September 2022 or later. The sessions are coach lead but with an adult helping in the gymnasium with them. This can also be attended by children who are not quite ready for independent sessions. this Class is a great addition to our program it bridges the gap between our Jumping jaguars free play sessions and our tumbling tigers independent class. During the Class, the adult is to encourage and help the children to take part in all the activities so the transition to tumbling tigers can be as smooth as possible.

Tuesday 1400-1445 - Wednesday 0945-1030 - Friday 1045-1130


Jumping Jaguars

This is a free flow play session for any child who is under reception age. This is a pay as you go session with no prior booking needed. The children will be able to use all the apparatus and soft play. From balancing on the beam, swinging on the bar to jumping into the foam pit! It's a great start to their gymnastics journey! the best lessons are learned during play!

We hope to start back soon

Ballet Bears

Our Ballet Bears class is for children who are aged 2-3 years old.

This class is a gentle start to your child's ballet journey. These are independent classes focusing on movement, Dance, and musicality.

Saturday - 1230-1300

South Oxhey site


no joining fee will be charged for new members in summer term 2021. If you rebook for September the joining fee will be charged

Joining FEE

on joining the club there is a one-off joining fee of £44. This includes:-

  • Affiliation to the East region
  • Club membership
  • Club bag
  • Club t-shirt
  • Club water bottle
  • Proficiency Awards tracker book
  • BG membership

Jumping Jaguars

cash onlyPrice:- £3 per session(£1 for non-walkers)

Class duration:- 1.5 hours

Payment due:- Pay as you go

No British Gymnastics Insurance needed

Leaping leopards

Price:- £7.50 per class

class duration:- 45 minutes

Payment due:- Termly

Tumbling Tigers

Price:- £7.50 per class

class duration:- 45 minutes

price:- £7.00 per class

class duration:- 35 minutes

Payment due:- Termly

Ballet Bears

Price:- £5.00 per class

class duration:- 30 minutes

Payment due:- Termly


British Gymnastics Membership must be held by all our members. Changes From September 2019:-

  • we will be taking payments for British gymnastics. This will help us to track all our member hold a valid membership.
  • The 2019-2020 British Gymnastics membership is £19.
  • You must renew your British gymnastics policy every October.
British gymnastics membership

club rules

please read the rules of the club before your first session

club rules

new members

before your child joins the club we offer a trial to see how they get on.

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Before you contact us please go to the FAQ page to see if you can get the answer there.